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14 Reasons Why You Should Have plants

14 Reasons Why You Should Have plants

Almost everyone knows that plants clean the air we breathe and produce oxygen.
Did you know that pants are clinicaly proven that make our health better?
Here are 14 reasons that prove that is good to have plants inside our house!

  1. Plants fight viruses: Indoor plants reduce viruses that are related to cold up to 30%, because they increase humidity levels and decrease dust!
  2. Plants reduse pollution: When we open the windows to air our house we renew the already existing air, but we also put in our house exhaust gas and every other kind of polluted air that may exist. So we breathe and filter the pollution that we trapped in our apartment. Plants reduse this pollution along with the gases that deodorants, lack and smoke produce.
  3. Plants fight headache : By having plants in your house you can reduse and almost eliminate headaches since palnts filter air .
  4. Plants vs Dehumidifier: Instead of bying a humidifier to keep the humidity levels at the right level you can have plants. It is cheaper and healthier.
  5. Plants make us happy: Taking care plants and watching them grow you strenghten the well-being and the good energy of your house. Studies have shown that patiens that have rooms with view to a garden get well faster than those who just see a wall.
  6. Plants fight stress: Taking care of our plants (our garden) we reduce stress levels.
  7. Plants are usefull: Many plants except from their decorative use have practical use as well. For example aloe vera can be used for burns and wounds nad herbs can be used for our food.
  8. Plants fight depression:By having a living organism under our responsibility we reduce the feeling of lonelιnes.
  9. Plants can prevent allergies: Βy bringing in contact your kids with natural allergens you reduse the possibility of having allergies when they grow up.
  10. Plants reduce carbon dioxyde: Plants during photosynthesis absorb carbon dioxyde from the atmosphere. As a result they reduse the feeling of sleepiness!
  11. Plants help the cold : It is known that when you have the cold you should breath from a pan eucalyptus leaves boiled in water.
  12. Plants make us smarter: Plants and flowers enhance our creativity. How many times have ou wondered which color for your pot will be the best? Or how many flowers should you buy for your vase?
  13. Plants improve our sleep: By putting plants in your bedroom ( especially lavender or ivy) improves the quality of your sleep. 
  14. Plants fight smoke : ΑIf you smoke or leave with someone that smokes there are plants that will reduce the smell.