What are we celebrating at Mother's Day?  The mother was, is and will always be something special for every child, adolescent or adult. Mother, Mommy, Mom ... words that are closing in so much beauty, tenderness and love! The "mother", whether biological, or adoptive or foster,... ΔΙΑΒΑΣΤΕ ΠΕΡΙΣΣΟΤΕΡΑ
Φροντίδα ζάμιας
Ζάμια (Zamioculcas zamiifolia) It is known with many different names ( zamia, zamiokoulkas, zamioulkas etc) and here are some features that make it ideal for indoor plant. Low demand on light low demand on water Tough at indoor circumstances Tolerant in drought Before we go in... ΔΙΑΒΑΣΤΕ ΠΕΡΙΣΣΟΤΕΡΑ
Dried flowers gave to Decoration what photography gave to art. The beauty of a dried flower or bouquet can be maintained for ever. Wherever you put your dried flowers they change the atmosphere and the mood as they create a natural decoration. You can see them in arrangements... ΔΙΑΒΑΣΤΕ ΠΕΡΙΣΣΟΤΕΡΑ
Τί γιορτάζουμε τη γιορτή της γυναίκας
What are we celebrating on Women's Day? Every year on 8th of March, we and many other countries worldwide celebrate the Women's Festivity! Celebrating the political and labor rights of women in history. In the not so distant past, do not forget that women were terribly... ΔΙΑΒΑΣΤΕ ΠΕΡΙΣΣΟΤΕΡΑ