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Who we are

The flower shop FIORISSIMO started working at 1989 at Chalandri, Athens, in a proprietary 350 square meter building.
In the same place there are two workshops 120 square meters each, also used as storage rooms, in order to serve you faster
The immediate recognition of FIORISSIMO is due to the fact that our staff is specialized in all forms of decoration. Our specialized staff, who have won in greece and abroad competitions, create for you original flower arrangements for weddings and other events. 

Special features:

Original proffessional gifts, wines and flowers combinations, candles according to the FLORIST TREND and FLORAL INSPIRATION (yearly trend seminars for flowers) secure the strict response to your needs. 

Features Of Success:

  • The organized management of quality assurance system secures the high quality level of  flowers and plants.
  • Competitive prizes, excellent packaging, secure and quaranted delivery with self-owned cars all over Athens bring FIORISSIMO to the top.


The specialized department of FIORISIMO-BALLOONISSIMO decorates with balloons birthday parties, weddings, and christiening evnts. Balloon deliveries are made by FIORISSIMO cars ensuring a secure and qualitative delivery.

Always at your service:

In our pleasant and of  special aesthetic place in 29 Pentelis Avenue and our website

Please read "Terms to order" . In case you have any questions please contact us by e-mail, or contact form, or call us:

Adress 29 Pentelis Avenue P.O 152 33,  Chalandri Telephone No 210 6848091, 210 6801547, Fax No: 210 6892389