Τί γιορτάζουμε τη γιορτή της γυναίκας
What are we celebrating on Women's Day? Every year on 8th of March, we and many other countries worldwide celebrate the Women's Festivity! Celebrating the political and labor rights of women in history. In the not so distant past, do not forget that women were terribly... ΔΙΑΒΑΣΤΕ ΠΕΡΙΣΣΟΤΕΡΑ
Almost everyone knows that plants clean the air we breathe and produce oxygen. Did you know that pants are clinicaly proven that make our health better? Here are 14 reasons that prove that is good to have plants inside our house! Plants fight viruses: Indoor plants reduce... ΔΙΑΒΑΣΤΕ ΠΕΡΙΣΣΟΤΕΡΑ
Many of us already have a "collection" with some of them! Some just to smell them, others to eat others for beauty only! Below we analyze the properties and some ideas to use your favorite fragrances! Dwarf - Pepper-like - Menta Viridis It belongs to the family of mint (green... ΔΙΑΒΑΣΤΕ ΠΕΡΙΣΣΟΤΕΡΑ
If you are worried about how to maintain the orchids, below you will find all maintenance instructions for orchid phalanxps you need: January February Phalaenopsis Now is the peak of growth of the strains, with the first plants being flowering. Plant fixation must be done now.... ΔΙΑΒΑΣΤΕ ΠΕΡΙΣΣΟΤΕΡΑ