Mother's Day!

29 April


What are we celebrating at Mother's Day?

 The mother was, is and will always be something special for every child, adolescent or adult. Mother, Mommy, Mom ... words that are closing in so much beauty, tenderness and love! The "mother", whether biological, or adoptive or foster, is the most important presence in our lives. It is a being unselfish, affectionate and sweet. It is always there when we need it, willing to listen to us and advise us, take care of us, embrace us. It is there to nourish us and calm us by magically expelling every pain and phobia!

Motherhood is honored every year with "Mother's Day" or "Mother's Day" and we celebrate it every second Sunday of May. It is the feast that gives us the opportunity to express our love and respect to the woman who gave us life and cared for us. Because without our connection to the breeder (especially in the early years of our infancy) we could not survive. This is a fairly old feast that you first encounter in ancient Greece, in the first form of the mother's celebration, at a spring celebration dedicated to the Great Mother Gaia, who was the wife of Heaven. Gaia was considered to be the personification of the nature that created the World .. and worshiped it as the Supreme Deity.

 Then the feast was transferred to Rea's daughter, Saturn's husband and sister, who was worshiped as "Mother of the Gods" ... and the fertility of the earth. She was the first to give birth and she nurtured her children with precious breast milk. Our ancestors, the ancient Greeks, honored her as well as her mother every spring.

During the Roman years we meet the Mother's Day as a celebration dedicated to the goddess Cybele. The newer version of the feast comes to England in 1600 AD with the Mothering Sunday celebrated each year on the 4th Sunday of the Lent. Even the servants were allowed on that day to return to their homes and find themselves with their mother. With the spread of Christianity to Europe, the feast was transformed into a "Feast of Mother Church".

Later, in the twentieth century, Ann Maria Reeves Jarvis, an activist teacher, struggled to establish the 2nd Sunday of May as Mother's Day in honor of her mother who struggled to reconcile South and North Americans at the end of the civil war in 1864. It was ruled in 1914 when Congress designated as the official national feast "Mother's Day" this day.

In our country this feast was associated with the feast of Ypapanti on 2 February. Then the Orthodox Church celebrates the Virgin Mary, who went Jesus when it was forty days old with Joseph at the Temple to receive the blessing (sorrow, today's terminology). The parallel celebration with the Church was established in 1929 with the obvious symbolism of Mother Mary. In the 1960s, this celebration was delayed and strengthened and prevailed in the western tradition of the second Sunday of May. However, the Church insists on the old day of the celebration and then organizes the relevant events.

The Mother Feast is mobile and we celebrate it every second Sunday in May. A sweet kiss, a warm hug and a flower will make unbelievably happy the most important and important woman of our lives .... our mon !!!

..Happy Mother's day to all our Mothers !!!!