Flower Maintenance

31 July


Συντηρηση λουλουδιων

There are some simple but important steps that you should follow if you want the flowers you bought or you were offered to beautify your surroundings as long as possible.
For starters, cut the flower stems diagonally using a knife (they open more resources so the stem can absorb enough water), immediately before placing them in the jar, even if they are already cut from the florist. Make sure not to leave leaves in the water.
Every two days clean the vase, refresh the water, thoroughly wash the stems of flowers and repeat cutting.
Especially preservatives that prolong the life of flowers and combat water bacteria can be obtained from your florist.
As for the fresh flower arrangements that are constructed in a special sponge (moss), you need to add a little water on a daily basis.
Also very important is your flowers be placed in a cool atmosphere, away from heat sources and drafts.